Savings plan and withdrawal plan

Large selection even with smaller amounts

Investment fund savings plans have different names among the different fund companies, but the principle is always the same. The saver regularly pays in a certain amount over a longer period of time, for example up to the age of 65. Fund savings plans are already available for just a few euros a month.

Fund units are purchased dependend on the rate of savings and held in a custody account. The selection of possible funds is very large and should always depend on the personal risk profile of the saver. The appropriate funds should be selected in a personal meeting with a financial advisor.

Benefit from compound interest

Capital increases not only through savings, but also through income and reinvested distributions, i.e. arise the compound interest effect.

No fear of bad stock market years

Studies show that investors have been able to more than make up for even large price losses over time, for example after financial crises. For example, anyone who invested in the DAX in 2020 shortly before the corona crisis achieved an annual return of 5.7 percent by the end of 2022.

Flexible pension payment

When reaching retirement age, investors can individually determine the amount and duration of regular pension payments or have the amount paid out once only. The specifications can be changed at any time.

Member area

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